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Hollywood Farmers’ Market: What *are* the L.A. Film School’s Intentions?

We’re receiving word this morning that the Los Angeles Film School declined to sign off on the statement issued by Eric Garcetti’s office regarding the 90-day extension to the Hollywood Farmers’ Market’s street closure permit. […] Read More >>>

Public Response Helps Secure 90-Day Extension for the Hollywood Farmers’ Market

SEE-LA announced this evening that the Hollywood Farmers’ Market has been granted a 90-day extension to its street closure permit while alternatives—for the market and the Los Angeles Film School’s parking access—are more carefully considered. […] Read More >>>

Hollywood Farmers’ Market: The Film School’s perspective

Thanks to Felicia Friesema and L.A. Weekly for pressing for more information from the Los Angeles Film School about its objections to the continuation of the Hollywood Farmers’ Market in its longtime location. Information from […] Read More >>>

Support the Hollywood Farmers’ Market Today

The continued operation of the Hollywood Farmers’ Market is in jeopardy due to objections raised by the Los Angeles Film School to the market’s footprint and its proximity to the school’s parking garage. Although the […] Read More >>>

Hollywood Farmers’ Market in jeopardy

We’re hearing reports this morning that a petition was made available at today’s Hollywood Farmers’ Market because the market’s permit is in jeopardy. Blogging.la has a report, and we’ve contacted SEE-LA to ask about these […] Read More >>>

Emily in Italy: Slow Food Summer

We’ve been remiss in sharing some of the news from Emily Ventura, the chairperson of our social action committee, as she explores Italy during her year as a Fulbright Fellow. Emily recently attended Terra Madre […] Read More >>>

Listening Sessions for Certified Farmers’ Market Program

Update: David Karp offers specific suggestions for improvement in his Los Angeles Times. It’s available online, via the LATimes’ site. Thanks to Amelia Saltsman–Slow Food member, author of The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook, and […] Read More >>>

“The Inedible Egg”: Slow Food USA Calls for Food Safety Accountability

A new video from Slow Food USA calls on all of us to let Congress know that “we want our food to be edible, that we demand better control of and more accountability from our […] Read More >>>

“Good Food For All”: A Taste of the Los Angeles Foodshed

The Los Angeles Food Policy Task Force was convened last fall and has prepared a report with recommendations for how we can increase access to healthy, affordable, fairly and sustainably produced foods and strengthen our […] Read More >>>

Alice Waters on the morality of food

As part of the Washington Post‘s “Divine Impulses” interview series, Sally Quinn talked with Alice Waters about the morality of food, about our connectedness with others, and about the “good, clean, fair philosophy” that summarizes […] Read More >>>

The Real Cost of Subsidies

The graphic above was originally published in 2007 during the Farm Bill debate, but Raj Patel is reminding us again of the hidden costs associated with food that is fast, cheap, and easy. In his […] Read More >>>

“Food Fight” Screening in Westwood

Chris Taylor has alerted us that his documentary, Food Fight, will be screened as part of the “Something to Talk About” documentary film series, a unique independent series of films that are meant to provoke […] Read More >>>