Los Angeles

Communication resumes!

Several technical issues have now been resolved, and we’re pleased that our web-based and email channels of communication are fully open once again. We’re going to play catch up for the next few days, sharing […] Read More >>>

Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving

From all of us at Slow Food Los Angeles, wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. On this food-focused day, among the many thanks we give, we recognize and appreciate those those who plant, harvest, […] Read More >>>

“Give more if you can, less if you can’t” membership extended (with a bonus)

The response to September’s membership drive has been so positive that Slow Food USA has extended the “give more if you can, less if you can’t” offer through October 15, 2009. If you’ve been thinking […] Read More >>>

Refreshing slowfoodla.com

We’re pleased to roll out a refreshed and redesigned slowfoodla.com to share news, event announcements, and other information with Slow Food Los Angeles members and friends. Some details: All the content from our former site […] Read More >>>

Wishes for the New Year

To all the members and friends of Slow Food Los Angeles, and to readers of slowfoodla.com, we send our wishes for a good, clean, and fair 2009, and for a happy and healthy year for […] Read More >>>

Postscript to “Music and Food”

How wonderful to hear of excitement about the intersection of music and food! There’s been such an enthusiastic response to Tom Terrell’s invitation \to his senior recital at UCLA this Friday that Tom is, well, […] Read More >>>

Music and Food, inspired by Slow Food

Slow Food Los Angeles member and UCLA music student Tom Terrell has shared with us news of an intriguing event later this week: The UCIRA (University of California Institute of Research for the Arts) has […] Read More >>>

Hollywood Farmers’ Market on Marathon Day

Hollywood Farmers’ Market patrons take note: Due to the Los Angeles Marathon this Sunday, March 2, 2008, the Hollywood Farmers’ Market will be open from 11:00am until 2:00pm. Due to the LA Marathon route, the […] Read More >>>

Wishes for a Good, Clean, and Fair 2008

A happy new year to Slow Food Los Angeles members and friends, and our wishes (and hopes) for a good, clean, and fair 2008! Slowfoodla.com has been on a short hiatus over the holidays; regular […] Read More >>>

Margerum Wine Dinner at Grace Restaurant

Chef Neal Fraser of Grace Restaurant has alerted us to a special evening featuring the wines of the Margerum Wine Company and four courses (plus amuses bouche and dessert) developed by Chef Fraser for the […] Read More >>>

Support Slow Food!

Maybe that time of year is upon you. Or maybe it’s already passed. Or maybe it passed some time ago and completely slipped your mind. Until now. We’re talking about renewing your Slow Food membership. […] Read More >>>