Los Angeles

Los Angeles Times op-ed: “Our Schools’ Sweet Tooth”

Today’s Los Angeles Times features an op-ed by Emily Ventura on the need to pay closer attention to the sugar content in school food: Soft drinks were banned in Los Angeles schools in 2004. But […] Read More >>>

Valentine’s Day at the LAUSD

Emily Ventura shares an update on Slow Food Los Angeles’s social action efforts on the school lunch issue: Last Monday’s rally to support a reduction in sugar in the LAUSD food was a success! Thanks […] Read More >>>

School Lunch in the News

Mary MacVean looks at the growing momentum in Congress for substantive changes to the Child Nutrition Act–the focus of Slow Food’s Time For Lunch campaign. Among those supporting improvements to the Act are Representative George […] Read More >>>

Time For Lunch in the Los Angeles Times

News is spreading about the Time For Lunch campaign and about Slow Food Los Angeles’s Labor Day Eat-ins: This morning’s “Daily Dish” on the Los Angeles Times’ website features a piece by Mary MacVean about […] Read More >>>

In the News… Thursday, May 8, 2008

† The Grim State of Bee Health: On the heels of yesterday’s announcement of a Slow Food Los Angeles event featuring a presentation by Professor May Berenbaum, one of the nation’s experts on the declining […] Read More >>>

In the News… Wednesday, August 29, 2007

† “Organic Almond Supporters Roast Pasteurization Plan”: George Raine writes in the San Francisco Chronicle about the imminent rule requiring pasteurization of almonds. The Department of Agriculture is moving to implement the rule; organic and […] Read More >>>

In the News… Tuesday, June 12, 2007

† Standards for “Organic” Foods: The Los Angeles Times reported this weekend that changes in the stardards under which a food product can be labeled “organic” are moving through the USDA: A deadline of midnight […] Read More >>>

Catching Up: Readings and Recommendations

Several articles have appeared in recent days that may be of interest to Slow Food members and friends: Leslee Komaiko of the Los Angeles Times spotlights the Freeze Relief efforts by local chefs and restauranteurs […] Read More >>>

“Saving Trees Takes Cold Calculation”

Those of us pampered by the relatively moderate southern California climate may have turned up the heat or bundled ourselves in bulkier sweaters over the last week, but local farmers don’t have such easy options […] Read More >>>

South Central Community Garden Update

Further to our post about the conversion of the community garden is an article in today’s Los Angeles Times about the ongoing protests and efforts to retain the land for the community. Those interested in […] Read More >>>