Los Angeles

“Conscientious Carnivore” Discussion

The next quarterly library panel discussion is coming up, and the Santa Monica Farmers’ Markets are bringing together local farmers and chefs to discuss the concept of being a “conscientious carnivore.” Many farmers are raising […] Read More >>>

In the News… Friday, July 10, 2009

The newswires are hot with information and commentary of interest to Slow Food Los Angeles members and friends: † San Francisco’s Food Policy: How can urban land be put to better use? How do cities […] Read More >>>

News from the Meat Committee

Rob Bikel, chairman of the Slow Food Los Angeles Meat Committee, has news of the committee’s work: Greetings to all meat-concerned Slow Fooders, Rob Bikel here, chair of the Meat Committee. We had a small […] Read More >>>

The Meat We Eat

Are you concerned about the negative impact of modern intensive meat production? Are you uneasy about the profound environmental issues, the inhumane standard of care for intensively reared animals, and your own personal health? Do […] Read More >>>