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Food Supply Politics

Eric Schlosser, the author of Fast Food Nation, weighs in on the politics of monitoring our food supply in the Op-Ed section of today’s New York Times. Read it on the Times’ website. Read More >>>

Thinking Outside the Lunchbox

For those interested in the debate over school lunch programs, the Center for Ecoliteracy has posted a series of essays, “Thinking Outside the Lunchbox.” Worthwhile reading about the social, political, economic, agricultural, and health issues […] Read More >>>

Reading: Michael Pollan’s New York Times Columns

For those who do not subscribe to the New York Times’ “Times Select” feature, please note that Michael Pollan’s recently published columns that appeared as “Times Select” contributions to the Op/Ed section of the paper […] Read More >>>

“L is for Lunch”: Schools Emphasizing Food Education

The New York Times has just published the second in a series of articles about schools that are making food–and food knowledge–an important part of the educational experience. The first article, “How Does Their Garden […] Read More >>>

Farm to School News

Our friends at the California Food and Justice Coalition have sent us an update regarding AB 826, The California Farm to School Child Nutrition Act: As we enter the final stretch of this years legislative […] Read More >>>

“Think Globally, Eat Locally”

Jennifer Wilkins is a food and society policy fellow in the Division of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell, and contributed the following Op-Ed piece to the December 18, 2004 New York Times. For those of you […] Read More >>>

No Carbs, or Slow Carbs?

Today’s New York Times featured on op-ed piece by Giuliano Hazan that should resonate with Slow Food members. Entitled “You Are How You Eat,” Mr. Hazan’s piece questions the current aversion to carbohydrates and suggests […] Read More >>>

“Home-Cooking Movement Gains Ground”

From today’s New York Times, a general article about the growth of the Slow Food movement in the U.S. Read More >>>