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The Missing Link: Cooking

Saturday’s New York Times featured an op-ed contribution by Amanda Hesser that deserves attention. “Commander in Chef” highlights the fact that all too often, developing cooking skills–and the desire to cook–is overshadowed by issues surrounding […] Read More >>>

The Connection Between Soil and Sustainability

Wes Jackson and Wendell Berry connect the dots between the health of soil and the environment and a sustainable food policy: Agriculture has too often involved an insupportable abuse and waste of soil, ever since […] Read More >>>

Secretary of Food?

Nicholas Kristof’s op-ed piece in yesterday’s New York Times suggests that while finding appropriate candidates for the Secretary of Agriculture position is necessary, we need a more radical rethinking of the position itself. “Secretary of […] Read More >>>

No “chefs” in Marcella Hazan’s kitchen

In her op-ed piece in today’s New York Times, Marcella Hazan talks about the increasingly frequent elision of “chef” and “cook” and why an appreciation of the latter is so important: I am my family’s […] Read More >>>

In the News… Sunday, November 4, 2007

† The Week of the Farm Bill: This week represents a crucial time in the Farm Bill debate. Whether you contacted your representative or senators earlier in the debate or postponed making a call or […] Read More >>>

Alice Waters on the Importance of the Farm Bill

Alice Waters contributed her thoughts the subject of the Farm Bill in Sunday’s Sacramento Bee: “Farm Bill Should Focus on Healthful Foods“: The farm bill emerged originally to support farmers during the Great Depression. But […] Read More >>>

“Pig Out”

Today’s New York Times features an op-ed piece by Nicolette Hahn Niman, an environmental lawyer and member of the Niman family of Niman Ranch fame, about the elimination of gestation crates by some pork producers […] Read More >>>

“Amber Fields of Bland”: Evaluating the Farm Bill

If you missed it, Dan Barber, chef of Blue Hill at Stone Barns (New York state), contributed to the debate over the upcoming Farm Bill in last Sunday’s New York Times: There’s invariably something risky, […] Read More >>>

Food Supply Politics

Eric Schlosser, the author of Fast Food Nation, weighs in on the politics of monitoring our food supply in the Op-Ed section of today’s New York Times. Read it on the Times’ website. Read More >>>

“Think Globally, Eat Locally”

Jennifer Wilkins is a food and society policy fellow in the Division of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell, and contributed the following Op-Ed piece to the December 18, 2004 New York Times. For those of you […] Read More >>>

Slow Food in the news

The national office of Slow Food alerted us to the following news about Slow Food this week. Enjoy! Sylvia Poggioli’s report on Terra Madre for NPR A New York Times Op-Ed piece by chef Dan […] Read More >>>

No Carbs, or Slow Carbs?

Today’s New York Times featured on op-ed piece by Giuliano Hazan that should resonate with Slow Food members. Entitled “You Are How You Eat,” Mr. Hazan’s piece questions the current aversion to carbohydrates and suggests […] Read More >>>