Los Angeles

School Lunch on KCRW’s Good Food

Evan Kleiman’s “Good Food” on KCRW is a favorite of Slow Food Los Angeles members and friends for timely information on good, clean, and fair food in and around the city. Don’t forget to tune […] Read More >>>

School Lunch in the News

Mary MacVean looks at the growing momentum in Congress for substantive changes to the Child Nutrition Act–the focus of Slow Food’s Time For Lunch campaign. Among those supporting improvements to the Act are Representative George […] Read More >>>

Time For Lunch in the Los Angeles Times

News is spreading about the Time For Lunch campaign and about Slow Food Los Angeles’s Labor Day Eat-ins: This morning’s “Daily Dish” on the Los Angeles Times’ website features a piece by Mary MacVean about […] Read More >>>

In the News (part 2)… Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School lunches are more and more in the news, which itself is good news. Slow Food USA’s Time For Lunch campaign is in full swing, and today’s news links reflects that: † “Why a Twenty-Something […] Read More >>>

Event Announcement: Two Angry Moms Screening

In conjunction with Freshlunches, Healthy Child Healthy World, and Clif Bar, Slow Food Los Angeles is pleased to support the free screening and Los Angeles debut of Two Angry Moms, a documentary by Amy Kalafa. […] Read More >>>

Contacting Legislators to Save Fresh Start

Our colleagues at the California Food Policy Advocates have issued a call to action regarding the Fresh Start Program: The wildly successful effort to bring more fresh produce to school children is scheduled to perish! […] Read More >>>

In the News… “Fresh Start” in Jeopardy?

An article by Carol Ness in today’s San Francisco Chronicle spotlights the budget cuts in Sacramento that will affect children in public schools across California: For just 10 cents a day per child, California public […] Read More >>>

Thinking Outside the Lunchbox

For those interested in the debate over school lunch programs, the Center for Ecoliteracy has posted a series of essays, “Thinking Outside the Lunchbox.” Worthwhile reading about the social, political, economic, agricultural, and health issues […] Read More >>>

“L is for Lunch”: Schools Emphasizing Food Education

The New York Times has just published the second in a series of articles about schools that are making food–and food knowledge–an important part of the educational experience. The first article, “How Does Their Garden […] Read More >>>

Healthy School Food Coalition

At the L.A. convivium’s general meeting on 3 April, Jody Donnelly alerted those assembled to–among other activities–the Healthy School Food Coalition’s initiatives. For those of you who could not attend, and those who did but […] Read More >>>