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Now Available: Slow Food Nation by Carlo Petrini

In Slow Food Nation, Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini describes how we can take back control of our food by outlining three central principles that are the focus of the Manifesto of Quality that was […] Read More >>>

In the News…More on Caltech Olive Oil, the Farm Bill, Eating Locally

† Caltech Olive Oil: An NPR interview with Caltech students who are producing olive oil from campus-grown olives. † The Farm Bill: Fattening Waistlines and Pocketbooks: An op-ed piece in the Baltimore Sun by Scott […] Read More >>>

Catching up on the news: local olive oil, local partnerships, defining “chocolate”

Links to news that may be of interest to Slow Food members and friends: > Students at Caltech are taking advantage of the wealth of established olive trees on the Pasadena campus and making their […] Read More >>>

The Mystery of the Vanishing Bees

To find the cause of the dramatic and possibly devastating decline of bees across the country , scientists are gathering and analyzing data and testing many possible theories ranging from cell phone interference (less likely) […] Read More >>>

“You Are What You Grow”

This Sunday’s (April 22, 2007) New York Times Magazine features an essay by Michael Pollan about the Farm Bill: Compared with a bunch of carrots, a package of Twinkies, to take one iconic processed foodlike […] Read More >>>

Linking to The Ethicurean, Mulch, and Chews Wise

We’ve recently added three more sites to the list of links on our homepage. If you haven’t taken a look recently or if these are new to you, we encourage you to check them out […] Read More >>>