Los Angeles

What it means to live in a food desert

Katharine Alexander, who worked with Slow Food Los Angeles and is now affiliated with Slow Food Urban San Diego, accompanied Monnai, a Los Angeles teen, on a tour through her neighborhood to understand her food […] Read More >>>

Michael Pollan and Will Allen at Pop!Tech

Michael Pollan and Will Allen spoke at the Pop!Tech conference on the flaws and hidden costs of the industrial food system, the benefits of more sustainable agricultural practices, and the bounty that’s possible via urban […] Read More >>>

Food is the Connection: Michael Pollan on related issues

Grist (via grist.tv) captured Michael Pollan’s thoughts on how food is at the center of many of the issues we face today including the energy crisis and the over-dependence on fossil fuels, the healthcare crisis, […] Read More >>>

In the News (part 2)… Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School lunches are more and more in the news, which itself is good news. Slow Food USA’s Time For Lunch campaign is in full swing, and today’s news links reflects that: † “Why a Twenty-Something […] Read More >>>

Free Screenings of Food, Inc.

Thanks to eaterLA for the alert (and to Judi and Rob Bikel for spotting the news) that two free screenings (sponsored by Chipotle) of Food, Inc. are coming up: July 14, 2009 at 7:30pm Laemmle […] Read More >>>

Food Matters with Mark Bittman and José Andrés

Earlier this week, the Center for American Progress in Washington, DC welcomed Mark Bittman, author of Food Matters and the popular Minimalist food column in The New York Times, and José Andrés, chef, author of […] Read More >>>

Go Fishing with Edible Los Angeles and a Crew of Chefs

Our friends and colleagues at Edible Los Angeles are taking to the sea again, inviting Slow Food Los Angeles members and friends to come along for fish tales and tips: When: Sunday, May 31, 2009 […] Read More >>>

In Other Media: Alice Waters on 60 Minutes

Thanks to the members and friends who alerted us that Lesley Stahl’s profile of Alice Waters will be featured on tonight’s episode of 60 Minutes (CBS). Slow Food Nation and The Edible Schoolyard serve as […] Read More >>>

Michael Pollan: “Eating Sunshine” at the Web 2.0 Summit

As part of the Web 2.0 conference earlier this month, Michael Pollan talked with John Battelle about many of the issues Pollan raised in his recent New York Times Magazine article, “Farmer in Chief: What […] Read More >>>

Slow Food Nation “Food for Thought” videos now online

For those who did not attend Slow Food Nation, for those who attended but did not score a ticket to the sold-out Food for Thought lecture series, and for those who attended but would like […] Read More >>>

In the News… Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thanks to the Slow Food Los Angeles members and friends for sending their impressions of Slow Food Nation; we’ll share those comments tomorrow, along with more Slow news and announcements. In the meantime, other news […] Read More >>>

Schlosser, Patel, and Barber on Good, Clean, and Fair Food

Tom Philpott of Grist has posted his observations of and several videos from and related to Slow Food Nation: Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation, talks about the need to consider the rights of […] Read More >>>