Los Angeles

No Carbs, or Slow Carbs?

Today’s New York Times featured on op-ed piece by Giuliano Hazan that should resonate with Slow Food members. Entitled “You Are How You Eat,” Mr. Hazan’s piece questions the current aversion to carbohydrates and suggests that

Eating sensibly is really the best diet, and the better we can teach our children to appreciate good food and the pleasure we can take from eating leisurely together as a family, the less likely we will be to feel the need to try the latest diet fad. Savoring a good meal simply makes us feel good. Food should not be feared. It should be a source of pleasure and well-being. So saute a little sliced garlic in extra virgin olive oil until it sizzles, add ripe fresh peeled tomatoes, cook 15-20 minutes, stir in some fresh basil and toss with some spaghettini. Then sit down with your family and enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures together.

The full piece is currently available on the Times site, and also here, in .pdf form.