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Action Alert: Pesticide Drift Exposure Response Act

The Social Action Committee has issued an action alert in connection with the California Food and Justice Coalition. Urgent email is needed regarding SB 391, the Pesticide Drift Exposure Response Act. Please read on…

In the next two weeks Governor Schwarzenegger will meet with staff members and Terry Tamminen, the Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal EPA), on all current environmental bills being considered for the Governor’s signature. Let’s make sure that SB391 (Florez), the Pesticide Drift Exposure Response Act, is at the top of his list of priority bills when he speaks will the Governor.

In the past four years, numerous incidents have occurred where pesticide applications have drifted outside the area of application. These drift incidents have exposed well over a thousand people to pesticides that have resulted in short- and long-term illnesses, and hundreds of thousands of people in California live in areas where they are at risk of health effects from pesticide drift.

The Pesticide Drift Exposure Response Act (SB 391-Florez) intends to ensure that the victims of pesticide drift incidents are properly responded to and treated with respect. Many victims have been hosed down naked in front of others with a fire hose or left with hundreds of dollars worth of medical expenses that are never reimbursed or simply not responded to. SB 391 intends to prevent the ill treatment of these victims and ensure immediate and proper response to each incident.

The Pesticide Drift Exposure Response Act would establish a reimbursement process to pay for the medical bills of victims of pesticide incidents and Hazardous Materials Response Plans in each county to ensure proper response to pesticide drift incidents.

To read a copy of the bill, see http://info.sen.ca.gov/pub/bill/sen/sb_0351-0400/sb_391_bill_20040828_enrolled.html

Please email Secretary Tamminen in support of SB 391. Contact information and a sample message
can be found below.

Sample Message

Email: cepacomm@calepa.ca.gov
Subject: SUPPORT SB 391
Sample Message:

Dear Secretary Tamminen:

I want to express my support for SB 391 (Florez), the Pesticide Drift Response Act. I strongly support this bill as a necessary first step in controlling pesticide drift.

SB 391 would provide for improved response to these incidents and enhanced treatment of victims of exposure in order to minimize the health impacts from exposure. In addition to reducing the economic burden placed on pesticide drift victims, SB 391 will provide for improved emergency response to pesticide drift incidents.

Your strong support of SB 391 is very important. Thank you for doing what you can to see that the
Governor signs this bill.


For more information:
Contact Andrea Wilson at 415.981.3939 extension 5 or andrea@igc.org

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