Los Angeles

Event Announcement: Champagne and Sparklers

We invite you to join us for Slow Food LA Wines of the World: Champagne and Sparklers event featuring a tour and tasting of artisanal champagnes and new world sparkling wines with Robert Rogness. The event will showcase the eclectic portfolio of Wine Expo, a Santa Monica wine shop located at 2933 Santa Monica Boulevard and noted noted for its world wine selection from small, artisanal producers and its knowledgeable staff.

When: Saturday, February 12, 2005 at 6:00pm
Where: Le Sanctuaire, 2710 Main Street, Santa Monica 90405
Cost: $65 for Slow Food Members; $75 for nonmembers. For event registration and further information, call the Slow Food LA event line at 323.860.9804.

Discover the real champagnes: wines made by the individual owners of grand cru vineyards, not in the industrial centers of Eperhay and Reims but in the heart of La Champagne, in small agricultural villages with whimsical names like Bouzy, Rilly, Ludes and Dizzy. Why does this matter?

Because, just like in Burgundy, the wines from these different terroirs are very different from one another. Most of the champagne you may have tasted has been blended from purchased grapes to make a consistent branded product, not a wine reflecting its vintage and terroir. These champagnes tend to be better values because they are made in such small quantities that there is no need for the winemaker to spend half of his or her budget (and ultimately yours!) on advertising and promotion. The growers are at the very forefront of the sustainable agriculture, organic and even bio-dynamic movements; they are not subsidiary brands of liquor and perfume empires but the actual fruit of actual farmers.

To guarantee your attendance, please make your checks payable to SlowLA and mail them to:
Attn: Champagne Event
c/o Angeli Caffe
P.O. Box 360769
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Le Sanctuaire is a noted culinary boutique conceived from the desire to provide only the rarest choice ingredients and restaurant-quality kitchenware to passionate home chefs with the most discriminating appetite for culinary excellence.