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Action Alert: Letters of Support Urgently Needed for AB 826 (Nava)

AB 826 (Nava) has been referred to both the Assembly Education and Agriculture committees. The California Food and Justice Coalition has asked for Slow Food member support as they expect that the bill will be heard in the Education committee on Monday, April 18th, and in the Agriculture committee on Wednesday, April 20th. Letters of support on this bill are urgently needed by Monday, April 11th and should be faxed this weekend.

A sample letter can be downloaded from the CFJC’s site. Fax your letter to:
Assemblymember Pedro Nava at 916.319.2135
Assemblymember Jackie Goldberg, Chair, Education Committee 916.319.2145
Assemblymember Barbara Matthews, Chair, Agriculture Committee 916.319.2184
California Food and Justice Coalition 310.822.1440  

If you are able to attend the hearings on April 18th or 20th in Sacramento, please contact Heather Fenney at heather@foodsecurity.org or 310.822.5410.

Call your Representative and ask them to attend the Assembly Agriculture Committee Informational Hearing on Farm to School AND . . . Vote YES on AB 826!

Your call is especially important if your representative is on the assembly agriculture or education committees (members listed below). The members of these committees will be voting on AB 826 in the next two weeks.  The hearing is an opportunity for them learn what farm to school is all about.  A call script is below. (Find out who your representative is here.)


“My name is  ________ and I am from your district. I am calling to ask that __________ (your Assembly member or Senator)  attend an informational hearing on Farm to School being held by the Assembly agriculture committee on Wednesday, April 13th.  The hearing will focus on how schools can get more fruits and vegetables to kids by linking with California farmers, and be an opportunity to hear about AB 826 – The California Farm to School Child Nutrition Improvement Act.  The bill promotes linking schools and farms together to improve student health and increase farmer income.  I hope that Assemlymember/Senator ________ will vote YES on AB 826.