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Westwood Farmers’ Market Update

From the Westwood Farmers’ Market site:

After 12 years in Westwood Village, the market was shut down by the Fire Department on March 30th to accommodate Casden Properties’ real estate development construction. We have identified an alternate location, and am working now to secure that location. Please check back with us for updates.

Prompted by news of the closing, one of our members wrote to Councilmember Jack Weiss and received the following response:

Thank you for contacting Councilmember Jack Weiss regarding the Westwood Village Farmer’s Market. The Farmer’s Market is a valued and vital part of Westwood Village. Misinformation about the Market’s closure has been circulated, and Councilmember Weiss appreciates the opportunity to address this issue.

For more than two years, the Farmer’s Market management has been aware that a major construction project along Weyburn and Glendon Avenues eventually would make it necessary to move from the current location.

In March 2004, the Market’s board was informed that they would need to secure an alternate location and move from Glendon and Weyburn due to the construction in the area. In June 2004, Councilmember Weiss’ office and the Market’s board began meeting to discuss the eventual move of the Market. The board decided to form a committee to identify an alternate Westwood Village location for the Market.

In order to allow the Market to operate in the current Village location for as long as possible, Councilmember Weiss’ office has worked to allow the Market’s Manager time to find an alternate location. The Council office negotiated with the property owner and the Fire Department to postpone the closure as long as possible to allow the Market to continue temporarily on Weyburn Avenue.

In 2005 heavy work on the project began, and the Fire Inspector notified the Council office that the construction would soon create a public safety hazard. The Market’s management was again informed that closure would be required.

The Fire Inspector has been monitoring the progress of the construction and recently determined that in a few weeks, the safety of public will be at risk. The Market cannot continue to operate on Weyburn Avenue during the next phase of construction. The Fire Inspector informed the Market Management that they must vacate Weyburn Avenue by the end of the month. (This order to vacate will supersede the street closure permit and void any previous Council motion).

Councilmember Weiss sincerely hopes that the Market is able to secure the necessary support from the merchants and property owners in Westwood Village to relocate in another location.

We’ll post news and information as we receive it.