Los Angeles

“Green Cuisine” in the Sierra Club Magazine

ND06cover.jpgWhile some of us are recovering from the Salone and Terra Madre (and collecting our notes and photos to share), we thought you might find the November/December issue of the Sierra Club magazine of interest. Online articles are available here, and many of the authors will be well known to Slow Food members and friends.

Community Services Unlimited in Los Angeles is one of the programs highlighted in an article entitled “Produce to the People.” They now have two community gardens and five urban mini-farms including one that opened last week. The article examines how four California cities tackle the issue of the lack of locally grown nutritious vegetables and fruits in low income communities.

Other articles include “Cheap Food Nation”; “From Cotton to Collards” (how Alabama is fighting obesity); “Ten Ways to Eat Well”: “Secrets of the Supermarket”; and “Truth in Labeling.”

Many thanks to Frank Tamborello of Hunger Action Los Angeles for alerting us to the availabillity of these articles.