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In the News… Friday, July 6, 2007

† “The Debate Over Subsidizing Snacks”: That’s the title of an article by Marian Burros published in the New York Times on the Fourth of July. If you’ve passed on reading other articles about the Farm Bill that seemed too wonky, this one may be a good introduction, explaining the issues and briefly outlining the positions of various groups involved in the debate.

† “Gilroy Garlic Growers Threatened by Chinese Imports”: Slashfood picks up on last weekend’s NPR piece on the “tsunami of Chinese garlic” hitting the produce departments of U.S. grocery stores. Food safety is one concern, but the benefits of supporting locally produced food and California garlic’s superior taste are also noted. (Summary is at Slashfood; full story with audio and links to related NPR pieces on the NPR site. Links above.)

† Are Organically Grown Tomatoes More Nutritious? Maybe.: Sam Fromartz notes the results of studies regarding flavonoid content in conventional vs organically grown tomatoes. Is higher flavonoid content how tomatoes respond in the absence of chemical fertilizers? Nothing conclusive, but interesting results.

And while you’re visiting the Chews Wise site, don’t miss Sam Fromartz’s post on the role of the organic community in the Farm Bill debate.

† Environmental Working Group (EWG) Petition: Signatures are still needed for the EWG to make its goal. Help the EWG reach its goal of 30,000 signatures by 15 July and add your voice to the chorus of those interested in the quality of organic food. Signing the petition takes less than a minute, and very little information (name, email, zipcode) is required.