Los Angeles

Taste the Benefits of Direct Trade Coffee at Intelligentsia

In the spirit of Slow Food’s manifesto of “good, clean, fair” we pass along information about an event at Intelligentsia Coffee in Los Angeles:

Intelligentsia Coffee’s Tres Santos, Colombia is created by assembling individual lots from many small-holder farmers. Since 2004, Intelligentsia has shaped the selection process into a competition of sorts where each farmers’ coffee was tasted separately and graded individually. The result for farmers is that the prices they pay are tied directly to quality and the result for Intelligentsia’s customers is a spectacular cup of coffee.

Intelligentsia has invited Slow Food members and friends to join them in celebrating the hard work and accomplishment of two award-winning farmers. Jair Garcia (First Place) and Javier Ladino (Second Place) will be visiting the Los Angeles coffeebar to taste the fruits of their labor and discuss coffee farming and working with Intelligentsia Coffee’s Direct Trade program.

The event will include samples of the Tres Santos, Colombia brewed on the Clover Machine and presentations from Geoff Watts and KC O’Keefe (Intelligentsia Coffee Buyers) and Jair Garcia and Javier Ladino (Colombian coffee farmers and winners of Intelligentsia’s Tres Santos competition). Wine and hors d’oeuvres will also be provided.

When: Monday, December 10, 2007, at 7:00pm
Where: Intelligentsia’s Silver Lake Coffeebar, 3922 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles
Cost: Free; no reservations required.

For more information about Intelligentsia’s direct trade program, visit their website.