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Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture

Initiated by Roots of Change and endorsed by over 200 leaders in the good food movement, the Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture is an effort to provide the movement with “a clear and commonly held framework for future action.” As part of Slow Food Nation, the draft Declaration was read publicly in San Francisco’s City Hall on 28 August, and is now available for comment and endorsements via the Food Declaration website.

The movement to create a healthier food and agriculture policy in the U.S. has been slowly and steadily gaining ground for well over a decade. Those all around the nation who began the work are encouraged by the progress and simultaneously concerned by the pace of change given the disproportionate impact of food and agriculture on personal and planetary health.

The public’s increasing interest and the media’s deepening coverage of climate change, energy, agriculture, rural poverty, labor issues, food costs, food quality, and obesity may finally illuminate the interrelationship of these crises and provide a context for urgently needed changes, which are clearly possible.

The Declaration is meant to provide:

  1. A clear statement of what kind of policy is needed now, endorsed by a broad base of organizations and individuals with a long-established commitment to a healthier food and agriculture;
  2. An invitation to join in the improvement effort by taking action in their own lives and communities and by offering them a way to call on policymakers to support comprehensive change; and
  3. A set of principles from which policy makers can craft policy that will lead to a healthier system.

As noted in the Declaration, “Our pursuit of healthy food and agriculture unites us as people and as communities, across geographic boundaries, and social and economic lines.” By endorsing the Declaration, Slow Food leaders, members, and friends are pledging their votes, their purchases, their creativity, and their energies to this urgent cause.

Visit the Food Declaration website to read the Declaration and to endorse it or comment on it. (The Declaration is also available as a downloadable form.)