Los Angeles

“The Conscientious Cook”: Mindfulness About Waste

Slow Food Los Angeles member Emily Ho alerted us to her “Conscientious Cook” post on The Kitchn, one of a family of sites that focus on “inspiring cooks and nourishing homes.”

Moved by Carlo Petrini’s observation at Slow Food Nation that “refrigerators are our tombs,” one of Emily’s recent posts addressed the issue of waste, and how our awareness of waste and our efforts to minimize it are steps everyone can take to counteract overconsumption. You can read Emily’s observations online, and also find links to related articles on The Kitchn.

Also online are Emily’s photos from Slow Food Nation that capture a cross-section of the event.
Our thanks to Emily for sharing her comments and photos, and we look forward to future installments of the Conscientious Cook!