Los Angeles

Path to Freedom Film Screening + Potluck: Pollen Nation

pollennation.pngOur friends at Path to Freedom – Urban Homestead have extended an invitation to their upcoming film screening and vegetarian potluck to Slow Food Los Angeles members and friends:

On February 22, Path to Freedom – Urban Homestead will host a vegetarian potluck followed by a screening of the documentary Pollen Nation.

This event will be held 5-9 PM at 626 Cypress Avenue in Pasadena. Cost is $10. Space is limited so reservations are necessary. To reserve, please call (626) 844–4586 or register online at www.pathtofreedom.com/form/eventregistration.htm.

About the Film: Every year, hundreds of professional beekeepers forklift their wooden hives onto 18-wheel semis, strap down the loads, and head out on the highway. Across the country – from the Imperial Valley in California to the Florida panhandle and the hills of Maine – farmers rely on honeybees to pollinate crops worth $15 billion every year. But parasites, pesticides, and modern agricultural practices are making it harder and harder for beekeepers to keep their bees alive, and the crisis could affect what shows up on all of our dinner tables.

Pollen Nation (2007; 25 minutes) follows the journey of one commercial beekeeper – third generation beekeeper Jeff Anderson – from the honey harvest on the High Plains to the warm winter-feeding grounds of California. It also explores the history of human interaction with bees, a story that reflects the development of agriculture. In ancient Egypt beekeepers floated their clay hives down the Nile to some of the first irrigated fields; in the 21st century, professional bee brokers help balance the rising costs of maintaining hives with increasing demand from big agriculture.

About the Potluck: For the vegetarian potluck, attendees are encouraged to contribute food produced within a 100-mile radius of their homes (Santa Barbara to San Diego).  If that’s not possible, then strive to purchase organic foods grown within the closest distance.
About Path to Freedom: Sponsoring organization Path to Freedom is a family-operated, viable urban homestead project established by Jules Dervaes in 2001 to promote a simpler and more fulfilling lifestyle and to sow a “homegrown revolution” against the corporate powers that control the food supply. Since the mid–1980s, members of the Dervaes family have steadily worked at transforming their ordinary city lot in Pasadena into a thriving organic micro farm that supplies them with food all year round. The family also runs a successful home business providing their surplus produce to local restaurants.

Through their adventures in growing and preserving their own food, installing a solar power system, home-brewing biodiesel for fuel, raising backyard farm animals, and learning back-to-basics skills, these modern-day pioneers have revived the old-fashioned spirit of self-reliance and resourcefulness. Since 2001, their website, www.PathtoFreedom.com, has inspired hundreds of thousands to take steps towards a sustainable future and has generated a 21st century urban homestead movement.

For more information about Pollen Nation, visit the film’s website.