Los Angeles

News from the Meat Committee

le-boeuf.pngRob Bikel, chairman of the Slow Food Los Angeles Meat Committee, has news of the committee’s work:

Greetings to all meat-concerned Slow Fooders,

Rob Bikel here, chair of the Meat Committee. We had a small but energetic meeting last weekend in an effort to get the (meat)ball rolling (okay, first and *last* pun, I promise). As a result of the survey many of you took last fall (survey questions and responses), here are the three projects we are currently developing:

  1. A guide to Meat purchasing. This will have descriptions of the various terms used in the sale of meat (e.g., “Pasture-raised”, “Organic”, “Natural”, etc.), broken down by animal. Hopefully this will serve as a quick guide to anyone concerned with how the animals we eat are raised and processed. Anyone interested in contributing to this guide, please contact me  at rbikel [at] aol [dot] com.
  2. Meat share website. Based on the excellent Bay Area Meat CSA’s site (http://bamcsa.ning.com/ — well worth joining in its own right to see how ours will eventually work), this site applies social networking concepts to connect purchasers with each other and with farmers and producers directly. Think of this as sort of a CSA 2.0. I urge everyone interested in this committee and those interested in direct meat purchasing to join–the site will improve with increased numbers. We will be adding information from the survey to the site, but if any of you have contacts with farmers/ranchers or butchers please ask them to check out the site: http://scmeat.ning.com/
  3. Traditional CSA. While the above process is very exciting, there are many of you who are interested in a traditional CSA.  We will be working to engage local producers (or those willing to make the trip from farther away) to set up a recurring CSA with periodic/seasonal distributions.

In addition to the meat share website, the Meat Committee has its own internal listserv. This includes information sharing about news and commentary, local vendors, meetings, and meat share opportunities. Please contact snailwrangler [at] slowfoodla [dot] com if if you would like to be added to the distribution list.

It is Spring and many ranchers who do sell whole or part animals are taking their seasonal orders now, so if you have the freezer space and/or want to get in on a large purchase, or already have one planned and are looking for people to participate with you, please sign up to the Meat share site described under #2, above.

We’re very excited about the prospects for all these projects and hope to have other meat-concerned events in the coming months.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas you have for this committee.  I’m looking forward to working with any and all of you.

Rob Bikel
rbikel [at] aol [dot] com