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News on Big Picks (and Mini Picks) from Rick Nahmias

On the heels of the successful “Big Pick,” Rick Nahmias has sent out word about upcoming opportunities to pick and donate fruit. His message is copied below:

Hope you all had a good week and got some rest after our Big Pick on the 8th. All the folks at SOVA and I thank those who participated for a great day of fruit gleaning and community building. For those of you who are new or missed The Big Pick, thanks for your interest and we hope you can make one of our upcoming events.

Since word got around about what we are doing, we’ve had a great outpouring of interest from the media and public, and I am in the process of building a website to both inform perspective volunteers, property owners and media outlets, and to get word out about upcoming events and picks, both large and small. I will let folks know the URL as soon as it goes live in the next week or two.

In the meantime, our next mini-pick will be this SUNDAY, MARCH 22nd 10am-12pm at a private home in Valley Village (near Laurel Cyn and Magnolia.)  

As a mini-pick, we will only be asking a MAXIMUM of a dozen volunteers to help out, and will need to confirm with each participant so the small home offering up their amazing tangerines is not overrun.  
If you can make it, please reply as soon as possible to hold your spot and for directions to the location.  (For those East Hollywood/Echo Park folks, we are hoping for a Hollywood pick in the next few weeks, so please hold tight for news of that.)

Additionally, in the past week alone we have gotten invitations to pick at OVER a DOZEN AND A HALF homes with citrus fruit ready or near ready to go. In light of our schedules, both Fred and myself would love to have someone take on a mid-week pick (what better way to get out and enjoy these amazing loooooong spring afternoons!.)  It can be as few as two people or as many as a dozen – but if you are interested in heading up a team in any form, we have the equipment and would love to hear from you – again, feel free to email or call.

Finally, we have gotten word of another LARGE orchard of 200 orange tress in the Valley which may mean stepping up our next BIG PICK quite a bit sooner than the early June date we were planning for. So stay tuned.

Again, thanks for your interest and participation and we hope to see you all soon.
Rick Nahmias

Rick can be reached via email or by phone at 818.782.9035.