Los Angeles

What is an Eat-in?

We’ve received many inquiries from those of you interested in supporting improvements in school lunches but unsure what an eat-in is, or what it means in the context of the Time For Lunch campaign.

What is an eat-in?

An eat-in is a public potluck with a purpose. In connection with the Time For Lunch campaign, the purpose of our eat-ins is to bring people together to strengthen support for getting real, healthy food into schools, and to make friends and neighbors aware of what they can do to help make that goal a reality.

Slow Food Los Angeles believes that the simple act of sharing a meal can have great effects. At an eat-in you’ll share food with others, meet neighbors, talk about issues of shared importance, and see first-hand that voting for a better food system in our country starts not at the polling booth but with every food purchase we make.

For more information about eat-ins generally and around the country, visit eat-ins.org. For more information about Time For Lunch eat-ins around the country, and about the Time For Lunch campaign, visit Slow Food USA’s Time For Lunch website.

And for details about the six Labor Day eat-ins in and around Los Angeles, see the list here, and information about forming or joining a cooking team here.