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Slow Food Volunteer Opp: Glean Team at Food Forward

Food Forward’s Mary Baldwin is seeking vols for their new Farmers Market Recovery Program. This is so very Slow Food and is a phenomenal way to directly participate in advancing good food access in L.A. […] Read More >>>

Young Folks Urban Farmers Dinner, 12-17-12, at Good Girl Dinette

  Imagine growing and foraging food, creating partnerships with farmers and local communities, knowing your resources, and inspiring your meals with taste, culture, health, and love. Experience Young Folks Urban Farmers. YFUF Food Alchemy invites […] Read More >>>

Guest Post: Terre Madre Delegate Rick Nahmias

Slow Food Los Angeles is highlighting the Terra Madre experiences, ideas and perspectives from our L.A.-based delegates in the coming weeks. This week’s post is by Food Forward Founder and talented photographer Rick Nahmias. Rick’s […] Read More >>>

Guest Post: Terra Madre Delegate Ernest Miller

Slow Food Los Angeles will be highlighting the Terra Madre experiences, ideas and perspectives from our L.A.-based delegates in the coming weeks. First up, Farmer’s Kitchen Executive Chef and Master Food Preserver Ernest Miller. Anyone […] Read More >>>

Slow Food Ark of Taste: Japanese Hoshigaki

Thomas Keller’s restaurant, The French Laundry, just posted an Instagram photo of what initially appeared to be pretty, light orange lanterns, acorn-shaped and hung at different heights from a simple piece of twine. Then we […] Read More >>>

Slow Food Los Angeles is now on Facebook

Long overdue?  We are Slow Food, after all.  Blogs are important, yes.  They provide detailed information, insight and a more comprehensive way of getting the word out.  The question we’re asking has become, “how do people get […] Read More >>>

Good Food Festival & Conference

Slow Food Los Angeles members, Last year’s Good Food Festival — the first of its kind in L.A. — is back in 2012 with a thought provoking call to action.  At we approach this year’s […] Read More >>>

Happy 2012!

Wishes for a happy, healthy, convivial, and delicious 2012 to our members, colleagues, and friends. Read More >>>

A Tale of Two Carrots

Whether you’re a regular shopper at one of the Santa Monica farmers’ markets or someone who’s never had the pleasure of visiting, we think you’ll enjoy this video love letter, which shares some of the […] Read More >>>

Hollywood Farmers’ Market Fundraiser

The revocation of the Hollywood Farmers’ Market’s street closure permits could have devastating consequences for the market as a whole, as well as the other markets the HFM supports. Negotiations between the Hollywood Farmers’ Market, […] Read More >>>

A (Mini) Tour of Polyface Farm with Joel Salatin and Eric Ripert

A recent episode of “Avec Eric,” Eric Ripert’s television show, featured a segment filmed at Polyface Farm with Joel Salatin, who talked about how the various elements of the farm support each other. Even if […] Read More >>>

Hollywood Farmers’ Market in jeopardy

We’re hearing reports this morning that a petition was made available at today’s Hollywood Farmers’ Market because the market’s permit is in jeopardy. Blogging.la has a report, and we’ve contacted SEE-LA to ask about these […] Read More >>>