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Emily in Italy: Slow Life

Emily in Italy: Slow Life

Eight months after moving to Italy, Emily reflects on how the pace and quality of her life has slowed and changed. 18 October 2010 I knew we were coming to Italy to learn more about […] Read More >>>

Emily in Italy: Berkeley to Bologna, MO to BO: Nostalgia and Slow Food for Youth

We’re catching up on Emily Ventura’s Italian explorations, and in today’s installment, Emily shares with us the sense of community and engagement she found at an agriturismo farm near Bologna. I grew up in Berkeley, […] Read More >>>

Emily in Italy: Slow Food Summer

We’ve been remiss in sharing some of the news from Emily Ventura, the chairperson of our social action committee, as she explores Italy during her year as a Fulbright Fellow. Emily recently attended Terra Madre […] Read More >>>

Emily in Italy: Meeting Carlo Petrini, meeting local farmers

UNISG On Thursday I had my first meeting at the University of Gastronomic Sciences, which is my primary affiliation for my Fulbright grant. Arriving in Colorno, I was struck with the beauty of the campus […] Read More >>>

Emily in Italy: Market Education

Sunday, March 7, 2010 We have now almost been here for a week. It is a Sunday, which seems like an especially relaxing day of the week here in Italy – almost nothing is open […] Read More >>>

Emily in Italy: Arrival!

March 1, 2010, part 1 It’s now just 2 hours until we arrive in Milan. Local time is 6:30am. As we are now so close, I can’t sleep anymore – I am so ready to […] Read More >>>

Getting ready for the journey

Emily has penned the following entry as she prepares to travel from Los Angeles to Italy for a fellowship at the University of Gastronomic Sciences: Here it goes…this is my first blog post! It is […] Read More >>>

Buona fortuna, Emily!

Many Slow Food Los Angeles members and friends first heard of Emily Ventura, the chairperson of our Social Action committee, in connection with our chapter’s participation in Slow Food USA’s Time For Lunch campaign. Emily […] Read More >>>